17/12/2018 14:35 GMT | Updated 17/12/2018 14:41 GMT

David Cameron Is 'Advising' Theresa May On Brexit And People Have Ideas About How That's Going

"First, you're going to want a shed ..."

In a wicked twist, David Cameron, who quit after triggering this entire Brexit chaos when he called the EU referendum in 2015, is reportedly advising Theresa May on the current deadlock.

The former prime minister has been advising his successor on how to give MPs greater say in any future Brexit impasse, the BBC reported.

He is said to be discussing with her what to do if MPs reject her troubled Brexit deal early next year, which ministers were poised to vote on last week before May called it off at the eleventh hour amid little support.

He revealed last week that he was concerned about signs that May would not get parliamentary support for her draft deal, agreed in Brussels, as ministers are suggesting MPs should input their views on ‘plan B’ options.

But Number 10 says it has no plans to consult on alternative suggestions and is focused on getting support for May’s deal.

With little further detail about what has been discussed between the two, baffled social media users chimed in with their own - and maybe not entirely far-fetched - suggestions.

“This is like asking the captain of the Titanic for navigation tips.”

The words of Labour MP David Lammy, there.

Clearly, Cameron’s own exit still hit a raw nerve among many Twitter users, as most speculated that the ex-Premier may have told May to follow in his footsteps.

“Resign and let someone else sort out the mess. It worked for me,” wrote Gregg Carlstrom.

In reference to a modest £25,000 shed Cameron purchased last year to pen his memoirs in, Guardian columnist Gaby Hinsliff said: “First, you’re going to want a shed…”

In fact, there was no shortage of shed comments.

Meanwhile, Craig Grannell speculated on conversation of a sci-fi nature.