12/03/2016 16:47 GMT | Updated 13/03/2016 14:19 GMT

David Cameron Piece In Yorkshire Post Spurned By Paper For 'Lacking Empathy' Over Floods Destruction

'Not in our name.'

Mark Runnacles/PA Wire

A regional newspaper revealed on Friday why it refused to carry a piece written by David Cameron promoting tourism in its patch.

The 'Yorkshire Post', which has a circulation of around 40,000 readers, turned down the chance to publish a "very personal" article penned by the Prime Minister because it "lacked empathy" for victims of this winter's destructive floods.

In an editorial, leader writers said only a "passing reference" was made "to the misery caused by the Yorkshire floods".

Editors said they were still waiting on a response from Cameron to an open letter they published in January that called on him to bring flood defence investment in the region up to the standards of the southern Tory heartlands.

They wrote: "Six weeks later, we’re still waiting for a full reply.

"And that is why, after careful consideration, we chose to spike Mr Cameron’s article on editorial grounds – it would have been a disservice to our readers to give the Prime Minister such a platform when so many homes, businesses and tourist destinations... are paying such a high price for the floods."

Peter Byrne/PA Wire
Severe floods hit Yorkshire and other parts of the UK in Winter

Referencing the fact Cameron's press team said the original article would have begun "I love Yorkshire & the Humber", they added: "And then the insincere – some would say sham – nature of this media operation became clear.

"The Herald, Plymouth’s newspaper, published a piece from Mr Cameron which began with the words 'I love Cornwall and Isles of Scilly'.

"It did not end here. The Newcastle Chronicle carried a piece that started like this: 'I love Northumberland.' And the same in the Lincolnshire Echo: 'I love Lincolnshire.'

Editors went on to lambast Treasury and Local Government secretaries, whom they said were "guilty [of] over-promising and under-delivering".

A Downing Street spokesperson told BuzzFeed the 'Yorkshire Post' was entitled to its opinions.