David Davis' Photo Opportunity Attacking Jeremy Corbyn Turns Into 'The Thick Of It' Moment

Nicola Murray eat your heart out.
Hannah Mckay / Reuters

David Davis and Philip Hammond today condemned Jeremy Corbyn while standing in front of a sign that warned the Labour leader threatened “more debt, higher taxes”.

Unless, that is, you photographed Davis from this angle, in which case it looked like he was the one posing that risk.

JUSTIN TALLIS via Getty Images

And this angle.

JUSTIN TALLIS via Getty Images

Or this one.

PA Wire/PA Images

Mischief makers on social media used crops of photos to warn that Davis and Hammond represented ‘Hell for your family’ as well as debt and taxes.

Hannah Mckay / Reuters

People were quicker to point out the parallel with Nicola Murray, the hapless opposition party leader from political comedy ‘The Thick Of It’, who suffers a similar mishap.


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