A Former Cabinet Minister Is Messing About With An Inflatable Unicorn Because Brexit

David Gauke's holiday snaps are a mood.

Politics can be a brutal business sometimes, as former Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond can attest.

One minute you’re pulling the nation’s purse strings, the next you’re pictured looking miserable on the tube after quitting in protest at Boris Johnson becoming Prime Minister and losing your ministerial car.

But not every Johnson rebel appears so down in the mouth.

Take David Gauke, the former justice secretary, who stepped down at the same time as Hammond (critics would point out they jumped before they were pushed).

The MP for South West Hertfordshire was also furious with his party’s new leader and his determination to leave the EU on October “do or die”. Gauke, Hammond and other Tories fear a no-deal Brexit would be hugely damaging for the economy.

However, on Sunday, things were looking pretty chill-axed.

For those not in on the joke we perhaps have to throw back to a distinctly more chilly December.

Reports had suggested he then declared a so-called “managed no-deal” Brexit a “unicorn that needs to be slaughtered”.

Rather than confirming or denying the claims, the then-Cabinet minister took to Twitter to post a picture of a recent gift: a pink glittery unicorn.

Returning to a relatively quiet Sunday afternoon in August (when MPs are on holiday, or more strictly speaking, parliamentary recess) and the unicorn pic became a fixation for some.

Would the politician mount the blow-up creature of legend?

After all, England player Harry Maguire was pictured in the same formation during last year’s World Cup and it seems to have done the world’s most expensive defender no harm.

While not quite submitting to social media’s demands, we were treated to this head-to-head ...

Here’s what you could have won ...


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