Doctor Ran Hospital Emergency Department While Cuddling Baby

'The little guy was here with his mum and badly needed a snooze.'

A doctor ran a hospital emergency department while cuddling a sleeping baby because he was the only person who could settle the boy while his mum was having tests.

A team member in Waikato Hospital, New Zealand, decided to share the photo of the consultant cuddling the baby while at his computer as an example of the kindness happening in their department.

“This is a bit different to my usual posts but felt I had to share,” the team member called Mike wrote on Facebook. “The older of the two featured in this picture is Muir - one of our [emergency department] consultants.

“The little guy was here with his mum and badly needed a snooze. Sadly his mum was unwell and needed some tests.”

Mike said several people had tried to calm the baby so Muir could carry on working, however he was the only one who could stop him crying.

So, for an hour that day while the mother was undergoing medical tests, the baby slept in Muir’s arms as he continued to multi-task as he was in charge of the whole department.

“Just an example of the small kindnesses that happen everyday that often go unnoticed,” Mike wrote.

The Facebook post was liked more than 3,000 times and had hundreds of comments from other parents who understood what a touching gesture this was.

“This simple act of kindness means the world and so much more to any parent that needs a little helping hand,” one person wrote. “What an awesome guy.”

Another commented: “This is such a touching, heartwarming and adorable photo and post. We often don’t give enough credit to doctors and nurses for the work they do.”

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