Mum Of Girl Whose Reaction To 'Doctor Who' Announcement Went Viral Explains Story Behind It

'Erwine only really started following it a few years ago.'

The mum whose video of her eight-year-old daughter’s reaction to the ‘Doctor Who’ announcement went viral, has explained why it meant so much to her.

Jenny Trout, 37, from Michigan, US, shared a video of her daughter Erwine, shouting: “The new doctor is a girl,” when Jodie Whittaker’s character was unveiled.

“I’ve been a ‘Doctor Who’ fan since the 90s, so Erwine has been around it her whole life, but she only really started following it a few years ago,” Trout told HuffPost UK.

“Eccleston was her favourite Doctor for a long time, but Capaldi may have taken that spot. She cried when she heard he was leaving.”

Trout believes the new female doctor is going to be “huge” for young girls.

“I think ‘Doctor Who’ has always had strong female role models, but having The Master and now The Doctor played by women is going to be huge for girls,” she said.

“They won’t feel like they have to pretend to be the companions anymore.

“They can share that childhood experience of pretending to be The Doctor that boys have experienced for more than 50 years.”

The video of her daughter’s reaction was retweeted more than 18,000 times in less than 24 hours and has 62,000 likes.

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