Donald Trump And Russia Unverified Allegations Have Gone Viral

'This is like the Cameron pig thing all over again'.
Mike Segar / Reuters

So ...

The US broadcaster CNN on Tuesday afternoon published a sensational story claiming Russia holds compromising personal and financial information about President-elect Donald Trump.

It published details of a dossier produced, in part, by a former British spy that has been presented to Trump and outgoing President Barack Obama.

It reported the FBI was investigating the credibility and accuracy of these allegations, which are drawn from a 35-page compilation of memos.

CNN published no details of the information contained in the 35 pages. Later, however, BuzzFeed News published the documents in full - documents the ex-MI6 officer had told other reporters about.

The claims have been reported before, and aren’t independently verified. - a fact which allowed Trump to post angrily later that night.

However, it was before people started reacting to one aspect of the story in particular:

They seized on ... parallels to David Cameron and #PigGate:

... puns:

... old Trump tweets:

... and miscellaneous:

But not everyone was impressed:


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