Donald Trump 'Delays UK State Visit' Following Protests Over Travel Ban

'He wants the heat to die down a bit first.'

Anti-Trump campaigners have claimed a “huge victory” following reports that the US President’s state visit to Britain has been postponed until later this year.

The trip has reportedly been delayed until October so Donald Trump can avoid protests. It was expected to take place in June.

Donald Trump's state visit has reportedly been postponed
Donald Trump's state visit has reportedly been postponed
POOL New / Reuters

Trump’s proposed state prompted more than 1.8 million people to sign a petition calling for it to be cancelled following the Republican billionaire’s Muslim travel ban.

Politicians reportedly hope that anger will have died down by the time Trump arrives later this year and that the trip will be less embarrassing.

A government source told The Sun: “Trump still really wants to come this year, but he wants the heat to die down a bit first.

“The White House watch what happens over here surprisingly closely, and they don’t want to create a scene for our sake either.”

Owen Jones, a member of the Stop Trump Coalition, celebrated the “huge victory”.

Sophie Walker, leader of the Women’s Equality Party, was among those skeptical that the British public will have forgotten Trump’s divisive comments in seven months’ time.

A provisional three-day slot for Trump’s formal state visit has reportedly been scheduled from October 5 to October 8.

Theresa May extended the offer of a state visit to the US President earlier this year.

John Bercow faced calls to resign as Commons Speaker after he ruled that Trump would be banned from speaking in parliament when he visited.

The proposed October slot will fall just before the House of Commons returns from recess.


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