20/06/2017 11:29 BST | Updated 22/06/2018 09:45 BST

Donald Trump's 'Shocked' Face Is On A Swimsuit, And Beaches Will Never Be Great Again

Made In USA (not China) 😂

Donald Trump’s face has found its way onto a swimsuit. 

Last week we brought the ‘Sexy Chest One Piece Swimsuit’ to your attention, and this week the ‘Shocked Trump One Piece Swimsuit’ looks set to never make beaches great again.

American fashion retailer, Beloved Shirts, has covered an entire swimsuit with a screen print of Trump’s rather startled orange-tinged face. 

Beloved Shirts

The swimsuit, which is made in the USA, not China, is currently reduced from $59.95 to $49.95 (£40) - with international shipping. 

Beloved Shirts

And it unfortunately doesn’t stop there.

The brand has also created a line of garments - from tanks tops and T-shirts to hoodies  - featuring various facial expressions of the current President of the USA.