Donald Trump Jr Says Cocaine Found At White House Wasn't His: 'It's Not My Thing'

The former president's firstborn son told a conference on Sunday, “Luckily, I don’t snort cocaine."

Donald Trump Jr. took time out on Sunday to make sure the world knows the cocaine recently found at the White House wasn’t his.

The former president’s firstborn son was speaking at the Turning Point Action Conference when he referenced the recent news that the Secret Service has closed its investigation into cocaine discovered at the White House without finding a culprit.

The agency said on Thursday that an extensive review identified hundreds of possible suspects, but not enough clues to narrow its search.

Trump wanted to make sure on Sunday that he wasn’t blamed for the drugs being at the White House. Oh, and to use the opportunity to indirectly slam fellow presidential offspring Hunter Biden.

“According to Twitter, it was mine,” Trump moaned. “You have the world’s most famous crackhead in residence. And somehow, it was mine, according to Twitter. I haven’t been there in, like, three years. I mean, think about that.”

Trump then felt obliged to tell his audience, “Luckily, I don’t snort cocaine. Like, it’s not my thing.”

Trump has repeatedly denied using cocaine, often using the opportunity to slam the president’s son, who has been open about his history with drug and alcohol addiction.

Still, Twitter users have often pointed to Trump’s manic social media videos where he waves his arms frantically and wipes his nose repeatedly as reason for skepticism.

Earlier this year, The Daily Show even turned his wild rants into a sizzle reel for a supposed news show called Cocaine News.

Trump brought up Biden again in a comment about Republicans’ fixation on the contents of his laptop, which they say contains damning revelations about his father, US President Joe Biden. The younger Biden recently sent a cease-and-desist to former US President Donald Trump’s legal team to stop spreading unfounded accusations against him.

“I have a feeling if it were the ‘Don Jr. laptop from hell,’ you all would have heard about it,” the younger Trump told the crowd. “Right? I mean, do you think if I was videoing myself going 172 while smoking meth, I have a feeling, magically, CNN would find it to be relevant again.”


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