05/02/2018 14:16 GMT | Updated 05/02/2018 14:31 GMT

Here's Donald Trump In 2015 Describing The NHS As 'Great'

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Donald Trump’s claim the NHS is “broke” is in stark contrast to the view he expressed in the run up to the US presidential election, when he described it as a “great system”.

The President was speaking on the David Letterman show in 2015 and described a friend’s experience in Scotland where he has a major golf course.

He said: “I had an incident in Scotland... a friend of mine in Scotland, he got very, very sick and they took him by ambulance, he was there for four days.

“He was really in trouble. And they released him and he said ‘where do I pay?’ and they said ‘there’s no charge’.

“And not only that it was great doctors and great care.”

Trump today attacked the UK’s “broke” health service in a tweet that came just minutes after Nigel Farage appeared on Fox News and blamed immigrants for the pressures on the NHS.