07/03/2017 20:36 GMT

Donald Trump Surprises A Bunch Of Kids At White House As Hillary Clinton Portrait Looms Large

Because 2017.

Donald Trump prompted screams from children when a group of visitors made the first White House tour since he took office.

The party came to a stop in the Cross Hall of the East Wing when the US President appeared dramatically from behind a partition, and boomed “good morning!” - before urging the children to step forward and join him amid loud applause and cheers.

He posed for photos with 10-year-old Jack Cornish from Birmingham, Alabama, as a figure from Trump’s recent past loomed large.

Yes, a portrait of Hillary Clinton. 

Pool via Getty Images

The painting is from 2004, three years after husband Bill Clinton left office, and was unveiled at a ceremony conducted by the then president, George W Bush.

Throughout Trump’s short appearance, it was hard not to notice the giant portrait of the former first lady - and Trump’s opponent in the hotly-contested election - prominently hanging beside him.

Pool via Getty Images
President Donald Trump greets Jack Cornish, 10, a White House visitor in a corridor of the White House while a portrait of Hillary Clinton hangs on the wall.

The White House has been closed for tours since inauguration day as the new administration sorted out staffing and other logistics needed to usher in visitors to the 217-year-old house.

President Bill Clinton and first lady Hillary opened the White House to tours the day after they moved in January 1993. The Clintons welcomed some 1,000 winners of a lottery drawing along with then-Vice President Al Gore and his wife, Tipper.

George Washington’s portrait graced the event that day.

Under the Obama administration, the director of the White House Visitors Office welcomed some 3 million tourists.