Donald Trump's Secret Service Code Names Are Being Chosen On Twitter

"Baby hands is in the building, repeat: baby hands is in the building."

The elite group of people tasked with keeping the most powerful person in the world safe often give code names to the "package" they're enlisted to protect.

Barack Obama is known as "Renegade" by the Secret Service, they called Ronald Reagan "Rawhide" and Lyndon Johnson was dubbed "Volunteer".

Now that Donald Trump is one of the two people who might become president of the United States, people on Twitter have been coming up with ideas for what his code name might be using the hashtag #TrumpSecretServiceCodeName.

Here's a few that we think would fit perfectly:

Of course, this is all futile. Donald Trump actually already has a Secret Service code name, as do many of the other high profile presidential candidates.

Trump is known as "Mogul", while Hillary Clinton maintains the same code name she had during her husband's presidency, "Evergreen".

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