Dynamo Taken To Hospital After Crohn's Disease Flare-Up

The British magician – who tested positive for Covid-19 last month – said he was being "checked out" by medics after the flare-up.

Dynamo has revealed he was taken to hospital this week after he had a Crohn’s disease flare-up.

The British magician, who has been candid about his struggles with the health condition in the past, revealed on Tuesday that he was “heading to the hospital to get checked out”.

“Today is IBD [inflammatory bowel disease] awareness day,” he wrote. “I was supposed to be doing some talks about it to let people know what its like and to help those suffering, but unfortunately I suffered a flare up yesterday and will be unable to fulfil my commitments today.

“Really sorry to let people down…especially today. But for us going through it, it’s an IBD life, not just one day, and it can affect us when we least expect it.”

Ian West - PA Images via Getty Images

He continued: “Hate to burden you with my woe’s but feel bad to those who I have let down today.

“Heading to hospital to get checked out, my team will keep you posted and I will be back before you know it. Stay strong out there everyone.”

It’s been a difficult few months for Dynamo – whose real name is Steven Frayne – after he revealed last month that he’d tested positive for Covid-19.

“Touch wood, my symptoms have been gradually decreasing day by day, and I’ve been feeling better and better,” he said at the time. “Hopefully I’m through the worst of it, and I’m staying positive.

“But if you’re watching this, please, please, please, just stay at home, keep away from others, protect yourselves, your loved ones, the NHS and the key workers out there.”

Dynamo was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease as a teenager, and had half of his stomach removed at the age of 17. In 2018, he suffered side effects after receiving treatment for food poisoning, including facial swelling, a severe rash and arthritis.

After sharing a candid video of himself describing his side effects, he later said: “It’s good that’s it’s been able to inspire other people with similar conditions to speak out about it and get more attention to it.

“I personally have never let it make me feel ashamed to talk about it, it’s just life, it’s life for a lot more people than we think so it’s really good that it’s inspired people to share their stories and hopefully it helps them with their confidence to just feel comfortable within themselves.”


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