Elf On The Shelf: 7 Simple(ish) Ideas To See You Through The Week

From frying eggs to watching the World Cup, elf is back and ready to riot.
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Well done, you made it.

You’ve ticked off one week of Elf On The Shelf – only three more to go.

For those who need reminding, it’s the annual Advent tradition of manoeuvring a small, mischievous elf around your house on the daily – much to kids’ delight (and the dismay of time-starved parents everywhere).

Admittedly some parents are more into it than others, going to great lengths to build sets involving their naughty elves. Some have even created Instagram accounts devoted to the mischievous elves running riot in their homes.

Meanwhile others are a little more laidback about the whole affair.

If you’re stuck for inspiration, we’ve scoured Instagram to find some relatively simple – but still creative – elf on the shelf ideas.

1. Frying eggs

2. Mummified

3. Grating a snowman’s nose

4. Doodling on bananas

5. Watching the World Cup

6. Making snow angels

7. Causing chaos in the loo