Emily Blunt Got Revenge On Christopher Nolan With An Oppenheimer Wrap Gift

One of Emily's on-set habits drove the Oscar-nominated director "crazy", so she knew exactly what to buy him when filming finished.
Emily knew exactly what to buy her director when Oppenheimer filming ended
Emily knew exactly what to buy her director when Oppenheimer filming ended
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Oppenheimer star Emily Blunt chose the perfect wrap gift for director Christopher Nolan – an item of footwear he derided her for wearing on set.

The Quiet Place actress plays Kitty, the wife of J. Robert Oppenheimer (Cillian Murphy) in Nolan’s ambitious biopic.

Oppenheimer charts the scientist’s life before, during and after the years he spent working on the world’s nuclear weapons in a then-top secret US laboratory.

The actors sported clothing and footwear fitting for the 1940s and ’50s in their scenes but between takes, Emily preferred a more comfortable option, much to Nolan’s displeasure.

During an appearance on US talk show The View, the director admitted Emily’s comfy boots “used to drive me crazy” on set.

“We’re there [on set], losing the light, [and say] ‘Okay, we need the actors to come in,’ and sometimes they’ll come straight from wardrobe, but they’ll have these big coats on top and they’ll be wearing these big Ugg boots, because the shoes of the character are uncomfortable. You know, 1940s shoes.

“I’d immediately say to [Emily], ‘Can you please just get rid of the boots, put the shoes on, and get ready to go?’

“And she got so sick of me saying that time after time, she thought I should join the cult of Ugg boots.”

And join the cult he did – when Emily bought him a pair as a wrap present.

The director isn’t afraid to admit when he’s wrong either, as he told The View panellists that the shoes were actually “pretty comfortable”.

Emily stars as Oppenheimer's wife, Kitty, in the three-hour biopic
Emily stars as Oppenheimer's wife, Kitty, in the three-hour biopic

Emily told her side of the story on USA Today, explaining: “I’ve never known anyone to detest a pair of Uggs more than Chris Nolan.

“I would sometimes put on some Uggs and I’d just get this withering look down to my feet – it was like being in The Devil Wears Prada again. Just the look down to the shoes. And I’d go, ‘I know, I know. But I’m just sitting on an apple box in the background today!’”

After sending the Uggs, Nolan’s wife – who he co-produced Oppenheimer with – wrote to Emily to reveal how the gift had gone down.

“Brilliant wrap gift. He’s wearing them now,” the note read.

Oppenheimer finally arrived in cinemas over the weekend where alongside Barbie, it smashed box office records.

While Barbie took the top spot when it came to ticket sales, Oppenheimer gave Nolan his highest opening weekend takings for a non-Batman film.

Both movies are being tipped for awards season success, with Emily potentially in the running for a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination while Cillian is already a favourite in the Best Actor category.


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