Emma Stone Reveals Why She'll Never Call Taylor Swift An 'A**hole' Again

The Poor Things star inadvertently wound up making headlines after an off-hand comment about her friend at the Golden Globes.
Emma Stone
Emma Stone
Neil Mockford via Getty Images

Emma Stone has said she won’t be making any jokes about her pal Taylor Swift in the future, as it’s not worth the aggro from the singer’s die-hard fanbase.

For the avoidance of doubt, Emma and Taylor have been friends for almost two decades, with the Grammy winner even dedicating a song to the Poor Things star on the re-release of her album Speak Now.

At the Golden Globes last month, Emma joked backstage that Taylor was an “asshole”, before adding: “I’ve known her for almost 20 years and I was very happy she was there.

“She was also nominated tonight which was wonderful. And, yes, what an asshole.”

While the jibe was obviously intended to be playful, Variety reported that a handful of Swifties may have had a sense of humour failure.

“I definitely won’t make a joke like that again,” the Oscar winner told the US outlet, claiming she’d seen several headlines “that really pulled it out of context”.

Referring to herself, she added: “What a dope.”

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift
Robert Gauthier via Getty Images

Back in 2011, Taylor said that Emma Stone and Selena Gomez were “like sisters” to her.

“They can predict my thoughts,” she said of the La La Land star and Come And Get It singer. “I’ve known them for so long it’s really cool to have friends that are that close.”

Over the weekend, Emma celebrated a win at the Baftas for her performance in Poor Things, and she’s also in the running for Best Actress at the upcoming Oscars, alongside Annette Bening, Carey Mulligan, Lily Gladstone and Sandra Hüller.


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