Emma Stone Gets Candid About The Poor Things Scene That Made Her 'Want To Puke'

Makes sense, tbf
Emma Stone at the SAG Awards on Saturday night
Emma Stone at the SAG Awards on Saturday night
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Much has been made about all of the sexual content in the Oscar-nominated film Poor Things, but it turns out it was a very different type of scene that made its leading star Emma Stone “want to puke”.

Yorgos Lanthimos’ new film centres around Bella Baxter, a young woman played by the La La Land star, who goes on a journey of self-discovery through experiencing global travel, heartbreak and, as we’re sure you’re aware, a fair bit of sex.

During a section of the film set in Portugal, Bella indulges in the sweet delicacy pasteles de nata, which Emma had to eat 60 of during filming.

And it turns out, this was a lot harder than any of her sex scenes.

Ramy Youssef and Emma Stone in Poor Things
Ramy Youssef and Emma Stone in Poor Things
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During a panel discussion at the *deep breath* Celebration of the Nominees for Outstanding Producer of Theatrical Motion Pictures over the weekend, Emma said (via People): “The sexuality of Bella [...] and the way that that was going to be shot and how we were going to do it and our incredible intimacy coordinator and our closed sets and all of that, in some ways, that was the easiest part because that was choreographed.

“Those were quick. We knew exactly what we were doing.

“Figuring out how to walk or eat 60 Portuguese tarts, which the first bite is delicious, but by the end you really want to puke [was harder].”

She added: “Or her seeing death and decay for the first time, much more challenging than the nudity, which is the only thing people want to seem to ask me about.”

Poor Things has been nominated for an impressive 11 awards at the upcoming Oscars, including Best Actress for Emma, Best Supporting Actor for co-star Mark Ruffalo and Best Director for Yorgos Lanthimos.

Emma has already won a Golden Globe and Bafta for her performance in the film, and will go up against Annette Bening, Carey Mulligan, Lily Gladstone and Sandra Hüller at the Oscars next month.


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