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‘Emmerdale’ Spoilers: All The Storylines To Watch Out For Next Week

Yes, this includes the end of Ashley Thomas's dementia storyline.

Next week is set to be another big - and emotional - one in ‘Emmerdale’, as Ashley Thomas takes his final breaths.

However, that won’t be the only storyline keeping viewers tuned in, as there’s also drama ahead for characters including Debbie and Faith Dingle, while Vanessa Woodfield makes an unsettling discovery about Jonathan Wrather.

The following action will all take place on screen from Monday 3 April, and for everything else that’s happening, check out our dedicated ‘Emmerdale’ news and spoilers page.

Here are all the characters and storylines to look out for next week…

Ashley’s death

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Doug and Laurel are told that the worst is imminent 

Laurel Thomas is set to bring her husband back to the village, making him comfortable so that he can spend his last moments at home.

The soap’s producer has previously promised that the episode will be “unbelievably beautiful” and you can read more about what will happen here. Tissues at the ready, people. This is going to be a tough one.  

Aaron Dingle is released from prison

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Aaron rushes out of his own party 

Aaron will be released early, following the 12-month sentence he was handed back in February. However, his return isn’t an entirely happy occasion for Robert Sugden, who worries that his husband will discover his infidelities.

When he spots Rebecca White chatting to Aaron at his homecoming party, Robert panics and worries that his secret is out - but has Rebecca spilled the beans?

Pierce Harris continues to drive a wedge between Vanessa and Rhona

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Pierce has been lying about the sex tape 

Vanessa Woodfield and Rhona Goskirk haven’t been the best of friends in recent weeks, but they’ll start April by agreeing to put their differences, and arguments about Pierce, to one side. After ranting to Paddy, she decides to continue putting Rhona first, and vows to try and put her opinions about Pierce to one side.

However, when she heads over to the couple’s house to make peace with Rhona, she’s shocked to find Pierce watching the tape he previously insisted he’d destroyed.

Faith and Moira connect

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Cain, on the other hand, remains frosty towards his mother 

The two women get on well and when Faith helps out on the farm, she ends up confiding in Moira, who later tells Cain that he should make more of an effort to understand his mother.

Tracey’s writing career receives a boost

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Watch out, EL James!

When Tracey receives positive reviews for her first saucy novel, she decides to embark on writing another. Can she replicate her success? Watch this space…

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