Eric Trump Burned For Using Impeachment Hearing To Sell Trump Wine

One Twitter user said the wine "pairs well with bribery."

Eric Trump wasn’t exactly drunk with power during Ambassador Gordon Sondland’s testimony on Wednesday ― but he definitely thought about getting drunk.

While Sondland was directly implicating President Donald Trump in a Ukraine shakedown, the president’s second-born son was figuring out how to make a buck off the whole impeachment situation.

His solution was to push Trump wines.

As you might expect, many Twitter users called out the dubious marketing stunt and Eric himself.

Some people immediately thought of appropriate pairings.

Some suggested a different spirit might be in order.

Others were confused by the Trump wine tweet.

And others just assumed Trump’s second son made a spelling error.

One person wasn’t going to buy until they got a full accounting of the wine’s flavor profile.

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