Eric Trump

Critics aren't buying this big claim by the son of the former president.
A rant on Fox News from Donald Trump's son contained one glaring error.
The Trump scion's latest whine to Sean Hannity went embarrassingly awry.
Lawrence O'Donnell called it "the stupidest possible thing he could say" under oath.
The late-night host isn't buying this claim the son of the former president made on the witness stand.
The former president's son insisted the Trumps have run an exceptional company, and "yet today, the persecution of our family continues.”
Tim O'Brien fact-checked deposition from the former president.
The former president commiserated that his daughter had to step back from her clothing brand when he gave her a job in the White House.
She said "pretty much everything" her father-in-law said had come true. Critics beg to differ.