"Instead of doing anything to help make Americans’ lives better," the president said, "they are focused on attacking me with lies.”
Greene said she'd vote against keeping the government open if she does not get her way on an impeachment inquiry into US President Biden.
After leaving in disgrace following his impeachment for inciting a mob attack on the US Capitol, the former president wants to consolidate his hold on the GOP.
Michael van der Veen tossed his microphone to the ground and left.
Delegate Stacey Plaskett didn't mince words in explaining Trump's acquittal.
Former President Donald Trump was impeached twice. Now he's been acquitted twice too, thanks to Republican senators.
Donald Trump did not know vice president Mike Pence was in danger when he criticised him on Twitter, said his lawyer, contradicting a Republican senator.
Here's what we've learned so far from Trump's second impeachment trial.
During the impeachment trial, Democrats highlighted the ex-president's many, many past instances of inciting violence.
The former president has a history of “erratic behavior," Biden cautioned.