EU Referendum Conspiracy Theories Make Sarah Wollaston 'Plant' Claims Actually Look Believable


Unfortunately for voters, reasonable arguments don't appear to count for much in the EU referendum debate.

Here are seven examples to prove exactly that...

1) The Brexit Defector 'Plant'

Dr Sarah Wollaston has become the first MP to defect in the EU debate, switching from the 'leave' camp to 'remain', immediately prompting cries of an anti-Brexit stitch-up.

Wollaston told the BBC she had become convinced the NHS would suffer a “Brexit penalty” if the UK voted to leave the EU on June 23.

“If you’re in a position where you can’t hand out a Vote Leave leaflet, you can’t be campaigning for that organisation,” she said.

2) The voter registration site was deliberately crashed.

Around two hours before the deadline to register, the government website in charge of applications crashed.

Emergency legislation was used to extend the time available to apply prompting calls... oh you know the score already.

Matthew Elliott, the chief executive of Vote Leave, said: "They’ve just told the House of Commons that their website crashed last night because of the high demand, but we know that the Government and their allies are trying to register as many likely Remain voters as possible."

3) The Old Trafford bomb alert was staged to create a climate of fear.

Last month a bomb scare caused the evacuation of Old Trafford football ground and the suspension of the scheduled Manchester United and Bournemouth game.

It later transpired the suspect device was a dummy left behind by a private security firm after a training exercise.

Before this was known though, anything went...

4) The BBC are conspiring against the 'leave' camp.

This. Quite simply, this...

5) The EU is what Hitler wanted.

Boris Johnson compared the European Union to Hitler’s attempt to dominate the continent, presumably using economic cooperation in place of genocide, Blitzkrieg and Lebensraum.

Just let that sink in a while.

And he wasn't alone.

6) That somehow the EU ref debate has turned orthodoxy completely on its head.

Not quite a conspiracy, but a theory none the less...

7) The Huffington Post UK planted an audience member in a televised debate.

Nigel Farage (a HuffPost UK blogger) had a tough time during ITV's EU special debate in which he and David Cameron (another HuffPost UK blogger) were grilled by a live TV audience.

One woman in particular, Imriel Morgan, gave the Ukip a good grilling, repeatedly interrupting the Ukip leader as he tried to dodge her original question.

Incidentally, Morgan has also blogged for HuffPost UK in the past, leading many to assume she had been planted in the audience.

After receiving a torrent of abuse online - some of it racial - Morgan was forced to defend herself.