Leave Voter Admits He Voted To 'Stop Muslims Coming Into The UK'

Even though immigration from Muslim countries has nothing to do with the EU...

A Barnsley man has admitted he voted leave in the EU referendum 'to stop Muslims coming into the country'.

Interviewed by Channel 4 News the unidentified man said: "It's all about immigration. It's not about trade or Europe or anything like that, it's all about immigration.

"It's to stop Muslims coming into this country. Simple as that."

Journalist Ciaran Jenkins asks him: "Do you think you voted to leave the EU to stop Muslims coming to the country?"

The man replies: "To stop immigration. The movement of people in Europe, fair enough but not from Africa, Syria, Iraq or anywhere else."

Apparently lost on the gentlemen is the fact that immigration from these countries has nothing to do with the EU.

Unfortunately it's a view shared by others.

Seventy per cent of Barnsley's voters in the referendum voted to leave.

A Welsh Muslim brought up in Caerphilly was told to "pack her bags and go home" after the vote.

British Muslims living on the London borough of Tower Hamlets have voiced "unease" and "fear" in post-referendum UK.

Bengali Brit Sajda Khatun told Middle East Eye: "Before I thought Britain leaving the EU was a joke, but when the BBC and other news organisations started talking about it, I was scared for my family."

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