EU Referendum Debate Explained With Man's Kebab Shop Analogy

This is certainly one way of looking at it...

A Facebook user has boiled down the debate raging over Britain's membership of the EU into a simple analogy most people will actually be able to understand.

After cries of foul play and 'project fear' from both sides, Iain Black used the ordinary example of a night out to simply explain his concerns about the 'Leave' campaign.

He suggested it was an argument akin to when party-goers decide to switch nightclubs but later realise their mistake.

While admitting that "there are problems with the EU", Black suggested that "without a decent follow-up plan" voters in an independent Britain would be much like the clubbers left "standing in a kebab shop arguing about whose fault it is".

He wrote:

We're not entirely sure how scientific that analogy is, but people certainly seemed to love it.

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