EU Referendum: Enfield Polling Station Ordered To Remove 'Impartial' England Flags After Voters Complain

'The flag has been used for political ends.'

Election officials have removed strings of England flags from inside a polling station after voters complained the bunting breached strict impartiality rules governing the EU referendum.

The Electoral Commission confirmed that a polling station in Palmers Green, north London, had been hanging the flags this morning.

They told The Huffington Post UK that while the flags did not contravene any laws, the local council had been alerted and had asked for their removal after voters complained.

Several electors voiced concern that the display may have unfairly influenced how people cast their ballot.

One voter spoke out on social media, claiming that as the England flag had been "used for political ends [it] should not be displayed in a polling station".

Another said they "love the English flag but not at a polling station", adding that there should be "no flags belonging to any side [displayed]".

A spokesperson for Enfield Council revealed that the flags were being displayed because the polling station had been set up in a private sports club.

They said that members of Mayfield Cricket Club had adorned it with England flags to support the country's football team competing in the European Championships.

Their statement read:

"St George’s flags were hanging in the private sports club as part of the club’s celebration of Euro 16. They were removed promptly this morning by Enfield Council staff."

An Electoral Commission spokesperson told HuffPost UK: "I’ve spoken to Electoral Administration colleagues who have said that the flags in the polling station in Palmers Green, London do not breach any restrictions.

"However we have got in touch with Enfield Council to alert them and advise that it would best to take the flags down to prevent further concern by electors."


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