EU Referendum Results Lead To Embarrassing Moment For Ryanair

Well, this is awkward.

Budget airline Ryanair has been trying to capitalise on the EU referendum for the past few weeks, offering to fly expats home for reduced fares if they planned to vote Remain, but their latest attempt at an offer has left them a bit red-faced.

In the early hours on Friday morning, the Irish airline sent out an email offering cut-price flights to "celebrate remaining in the European Union"... despite the British people voting to Leave by a margin of 4%.

The email headline may have been a little bit presumptuous, although the main body of text went on to say "we hope the UK will vote to Remain". It looks like they just jumped the gun a little bit as early opinion polls pointed towards a Remain victory.

When approached for comment, a Ryanair spokesperson told HuffPost UK: "It’s a good job we’re better at running an airline than political campaigns.

"Britons are booking our £9.99 seats in record numbers in what will be the last big seat sale of its kind, as they look to flee a country which will be run by Boris, Gove and Farage."

The airline was recently in hot water over its Brexit offers, with Vote Leave campaigners complaining they "broke bribery laws". The Electoral Commission later ruled they had not spent enough money to be acting unlawfully.


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