EU Referendum TV Debate Dates: Here Is When The Brexit Fists Will Fly

EU Referendum TV Debate Dates: Here Is When The Fists Will Fly
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Adolf Hitler, Isis and World War Three have already been deployed as arguments in the UK's European Union referendum campaign. And there is still a month to go.

The prospect of Brexit has split David Cameron's Conservative Party down the middle.

The prime minister is campaigning to for 'Remain'. Boris Johnson, the former London mayor and likely succesor to Cameron as Conservative Party leader, is campaigning for 'Leave'.

Ministers in Cameron's own government, including his good friend justice secretary Michael Gove, have been pummeling him for arguing in favour of EU membership.

The wounds of the campaign will be long lasting. Here are the coming flash-points between now and polling day which could cut them deeper.

June 2: The first major live TV event of the campaign. Sky News hosts an hour-long programme from 8pm featuring David Cameron. The prime minister will be quizzed on the case for 'Remain' by journalists and members of the public.

June 3: The following evening, Sky News hosts a live programme featuring Conservative justice secretary Michael Gove at 8pm for the 'Leave' campaign.

June 6: BBC Victoria Derbyshire Show hosts a live debate in Manchester with an audience of 150 at 9pm.

June 6: BBC rottweiler interviewer Andrew Neil interviews Labour's shadow foreign secretary, Hilary Benn, for the 'Remain' campaign at 7.30pm.

June 7: ITV hosts a live programme featuring David Cameron for 'Remain' and Ukip leader Nigel Farage for 'Leave' from 9-10pm. The two men will take questions from a live studio audience.

June 8: Andrew Neil grills chancellor George Osborne for 'Remain' live on the BBC at 7.30pm.

June 9: ITV hosts an hour-long debate between figures from both sides of the campaign at 8pm.

June 10: Andrew Neil interviews Ukip leader Nigel Farage for the 'Leave' campaign on the BBC at 7.30pm.

June 12: 12 regional BBC debate programmes.

June 14: BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat Special: The EU Referendum’ debate live in front of an 80-strong audience of 18 – 29 year olds from around the UK, hosted in Birmingham by Tina Daheley.

June 15: BBC Question Time: The Case for Leave’ with Michael Gove from Nottingham at 6.45pm.

June 17: The Andrew Neil interviews Iain Duncan Smith for 'Leave' on the BBC at 8.30pm.

June 19: BBC ‘Question Time EU Special: The Case for Remain’ with David Cameron from Milton Keynes.

June 21: Set piece BBC live event hosted by David Dimbleby, Emily Maitlis and Mishal Husain at the 12,500-seater Wembley Arena with representatives of both sides of the referendum to be questioned by an audience.

June 22: Channel 4 hosts programme featuring politicians and campaigners from both sides.


June 24: The result is expected early Friday morning. And then who knows what will happen. Whatever the result.


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