23/05/2018 10:36 BST

7 Firefighters Became New Dads Within Months, So Naturally They Had a Photoshoot

'We are so grateful to have seven healthy, happy babies.'

It appears there was something in the water at a fire department in America, as a group of firefighters became dads within just months of each other.

Seven out of the 20 firefighters at the Glenpool Fire Department in Oklahoma, US, have had babies in the past 15 months - the first was born in February 2017, while the youngest arrived in April 2018. 

One of the firefighter’s wives, Avery Dykes, who is also a photographer, decided to capture the so-called trend, inviting all the new dads to pose outside the fire station.

“The youngest baby is now four weeks old,” Avery told HuffPost UK. “We did the photoshoot on Sunday evening and we are thrilled with how they turned out.”

Avery Dykes

One of the wives had been inspired by Pinterest to do the shoot, having seen a photo of babies laying on their dads’ fire gear jackets.

So that’s exactly what they did. 

Avery Dykes

“We are all shocked at the publicity that we have received,” added Avery. “We are so grateful to have seven healthy, happy babies and are thrilled to be sharing our story and photos with the world.”

Avery Dykes
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