Fox News Gets Nailed For Stunning Hypocrisy About Biden-Putin Summit

The channel's double standards to defend Donald Trump were laid bare by Seth Meyers.

Fox News’ apparent never-ending hypocrisy in its quest to defend former President Donald Trump was laid bare by Late Night comedian Seth Meyers on Thursday night.

The conservative channel had “a very different takeaway” from President Joe Biden’s summit this week with Russian President Vladimir Putin, said Meyers, when compared to when Trump met with and defended Russia’s leader in 2018.

“The very same people who approve of Donald Trump’s friendly attitude towards Putin are claiming Biden wasn’t tough enough,” said Meyers. “Even Putin was willing to admit that he was dealing with a more experienced statesman in Biden.”

Meyers aired footage of Fox’s personalities – including prime-time host Sean Hannity and contributor Lara Trump – mocking Biden as “embarrassing,” claiming he looked tired and like a “kindly old man.”

“This idea that somehow Biden comes off as tired just because he doesn’t use his press conferences to rant and rave for hours about insane bullshit is so stupid,” said Meyers. “I mean, Trump’s the one who constantly looked exhausted and drained of energy because he spent all his time screaming at reporters and pulling all-nighters to hate-watch cable news.”

Watch the full video here:

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