Friends Reunion: 12 Things We Absolutely Need The TV Special To Deliver

The cast haven't all been together on TV in nearly 17 years.

It’s fair to say that anticipation for the Friends reunion is nearing fever pitch.

After a series of delays due to the pandemic, the upcoming special – which will see the main cast reuniting to reminisce about the iconic sitcom – has finally got a US release date, which means it’s only a matter of days before they’re back on our screens once again.

Given the six main stars haven’t all been on TV together since Friends wrapped up in 2004, it’s going to be a real moment – here’s what we’re hoping the one-off special delivers...

1. A recreation of the iconic opening titles

In our minds, there’s only one way that the special can feasibly open – with an undated version of Friends’ iconic opening sequence, featuring Matthew Perry, Courteney Cox, Matt LeBlanc, Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer splashing about in that fountain.

From a number of pictures leaked from filming, we already know that the fountain – which is on a backlot at the Warner Bros studios in LA – will serve as the setting for the cast’s interview, so we reckon our wish might just come true.

2. The return of Paul Rudd

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We already know that James Michael Tyler (Gunther) and Maggie Wheeler (Janice Hosenstein) are among the supporting actors who will be featuring in the special alongside some other celebrity fans like Lady Gaga and David Beckham.

However, despite being a fan-favourite, Paul Rudd – who played Phoebe’s husband Mike – is not among the star guests taking part, which has caused a bit of a stir among Friends viewers.

We’re hoping that’s just because he might be featuring in something more top secret – maybe something to do with the “little something” Lisa Kudrow revealed she’d filmed prior to shooting the reunion, perhaps?

3. To catch up with all the kids

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We don’t want the special to dwell too much on Friends’ former child actors, given that they were never really a huge part of the show, but a little “where are they now?” segment on the youngest cast members would actually be pretty cute.

Although we already feel ancient at the fact Monica and Chandler’s twins would now be 17 years old (!!).

4. A Smelly Cat revival

Phoebe’s songs were one of Friends’ trademarks, and what better way to mark such a special occasion than a performance of her biggest hit, Smelly Cat. Or perhaps Lisa has composed something especially for the reunion, akin to Phoebe’s other classic, Happy Birthday Emma.

5. And perhaps even Courteney Cox can join in

Given Courteney’s prowess on the piano these days, could we be in for a Smelly Cat duet?

We’d also love to see her and David Schwimmer sit down at a keyboard together, as we all know he’s a master of the keys...

6. A rematch of the football game

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Speaking of Courteney and David facing off, we’ve waited 25 years to find out whether it was Monica or Ross who triumphed in The One With The Football, so we’re demanding a rematch. Question is though, will they still make Jennifer Aniston “go long”?

7. Some “brand new information”

In the 17 years since Friends finished, there’s been so many revelations about the show that have continued to shock and surprise fans. But given it ran for so many episodes, we’re sure there’s still a well of untold anecdotes just waiting to be revealed, so we’re hoping for more previously-unheard tidbits from behind the scenes.

8. Some sketches

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Given that the old apartment sets have been rebuilt for the special, it would be a wasted opportunity if the cast didn’t treat us to at least a couple of sketches in them. It could be a recreation of some classic old scenes, or some brand new bits, we’re not fussy.

9. To find out where the characters are now

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Everyone has their own personal theories about what the gang might all be up to these days, and we’re sure the cast are no exception.

It would be fascinating to hear what they think would have become of their characters – but perhaps more intriguing would be to press the show’s writers on the topic, as they are the ones who dreamt them up and guided them through those 10 years.

Would Joey have settled down by now? Are all the couples still together? Are they all still living in New York? Are they all still even Friends?

We need answers!

10. For the ‘we were on a break’ argument to finally be settled

Considering we know that Ross and Rachel never managed to settle this long-running dispute, we think a quick way to resolve it once and for all is a quick straw poll among the cast.

11. For it to be available in the UK

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Given that the platform isn’t available in the UK, British fans are still in the dark about how we’ll be able to tune in.

HBO productions typically come to Sky Atlantic and NOW in the UK, but other likely contenders include Netflix, where all episodes of the sitcom currently stream.

Channel 4 might also put a bid in, considering they were the original UK broadcaster of Friends, while Viacom, who currently air the show on Comedy Central and Channel 5, might also be interested.

Whoever it is though, we hope we don’t have to wait a significant amount of time for it to be available here following its debut in the US on 27 May.

12. For it to lead to a new scripted special

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Now, as much as we’re absolutely pumped for the reunion, this is what we’re all really waiting for, right?

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