10 Mums Share What Happens To Your Body After You Give Birth

Going to the toilet is going to be 'interesting'.

When you’re preparing to become a mum you think a lot about pregnancy and childbirth, but a lot less about what happens to your body once your little bundle of joy is actually here.

Like not being able to go for a wee without feeling like you’re in labour again (do it in the bath), or that the hormones don’t go away instantly and you may find yourself crying at every TV advert for the next six months.

These 10 tweets perfectly sum up the joy of being a new mum.

1. Everything hurts, like really hurts.

2. You won’t actually be able to go to the toilet quite so easily.

3. And when you eventually do, it will be as jubilant as actually giving birth.

4. If you choose to breastfeed you’ll be permanently attached to your breast pump.

5. And every part of your body will be covered in vomit and bodily fluids.

6. Your wardrobe will be overhauled.

7. And beauty routines are no longer a priority.

8. The hormones in your body don’t magically disappear.

9. And your core stability isn’t quite what it once was.

10. Mainly because you’ve discovered a new level of tiredness.

When do we get some rest?

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