Gemma Atkinson Defends Taking 10 Minutes Away From Baby Mia For Coffee

“Being a new mum can be overwhelming and you can never win with your choices.”
Mike Marsland via Getty Images

Gemma Atkinson has defended herself after taking a 10-minute break away from her newborn daughter with her partner – just to get a coffee.

The 34-year-old, who gave birth to Mia on 4 July at the Royal Bolton Hospital in Greater Manchester, explained on Instagram that she had “ventured” out for the first time yesterday since giving birth.

“Granted it was only a 10 min trip with Gorks while Mia was asleep at home with nana but I cannot tell you how good it felt,” she wrote. “My midwife and health visitor advised me to take a walk if I could as it’s good for mental health in new mums.”

But, she added: “I’ve had a pap sat in a car on my street ever since I gave birth, I know they have a job to do, but I explained to the health visitor that it was kinda putting me off leaving my house.”

Atkinson said the paparazzi photographer followed them and got pictures, which were then circulated online. “Being a new mum can be a little overwhelming and you can never win with your choices,” she continued.

“I’ve had the ‘how could you leave her so young?’ messages and also the ‘good for you for getting out’ messages. I’ve been in my garden in the sun loads but it was still nice to actually see other human beings!”

The new mum said it was nice to have some alone time with her partner, adding: “I’m glad we got the 10 min trip in and although we dashed back, Mia continued to sleep a further two hours, unaware we had left.”

“I’m glad we got the 10 min trip in and although we dashed back.”

Commenting on the Instagram post, one person wrote: “Fair enough but I wouldn’t have left my baby for that long when she was that young.” And another agreed, writing: “You can’t go for coffee runs when you have a baby to look after.”

However, the majority of people on Atkinson’s Instagram account supported her. “I don’t know how anyone can say you shouldn’t leave her, that’s ridiculous,” one person wrote. “A 10 min break was good and a healthy thing to do, well done!”

And another commented: “In those early weeks I swore by my 20 mins a day out in the fresh air with the dog. Itt did me the world of good to get my own headspace and a bit of exercise. Don’t let anyone judge... Mum and dad know best.”