George Osborne Tweets About Daily Mirror's Rambo Front Page, Gets Roasted

You could say they... drew first blood.

Former chancellor George Osborne was recently spotted in the historic Cu Chi area of Vietnam taking in the sights and firing a machine gun, as many tourists do when they visit the site.

A video posted online by The Mirror appears to show the Conservative MP for Tatton enjoying his summer holiday as he experiments with the heavy weapon, and their Friday front page likened him to Sylvester Stallone’s Rambo from the film series ‘First Blood’.

Seemingly overjoyed by the comparison, Osborne tweeted on Friday morning saying he “finally had a front page in the Daily Mirror worth keeping”.

The jab was obviously a tongue-in-cheek jibe at the left-leaning newspaper’s less than positive coverage of his time in Number 11, but other tweeters weren’t going to let him forget some of their previous front pages.

And, as usual, the people of Twitter had some very colourful insults ready for the Tory MP.

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