German FDP Political Party Mocks EU Referendum Brexit Vote With Billboard Van

Too soon, Germany. Too soon.

A giant poster attempting to capitalise on the recent Brexit vote is calling on entrepreneurs to quit London and relocate to Germany.

The advert, taken out by German centre-right political party Freie Demokraten (the Free Democratic Party), trolled those who claimed the economy would be largely unaffected by a 'Leave' vote.

It took aim at Brexiters by encouraging start-up owners to take their business to Berlin, capital city of the country whose Chancellor masterminds the EU's financial policy.

A witness branded the move "schadenfreude".

From the country that invented the word "Schadenfreude." The FDP is driving this truck around London today.

— (((Charles Hawley))) (@charles_hawley) July 5, 2016

Launched after news the UK was set to lose its AAA credit rating, the ad campaign sought to cash in on Britain's economic woes, with an FDP post on Twitter claiming it was "time for the next Berlin".

A party spokesperson told HuffPost UK that the poster was being rolled out ahead of the Berlin state election in September.

They said the campaign was about promoting being "forward-thinking, courageous and not accepting things that are not working right".EU

Londoners spotted the van passing through Shoreditch and London Bridge, in east and South London respectively, and accused the FDP of "trolling" Britain.

Invading Britain has never ended well for the Germans lol #brexit #fdp #berlin #startups

— Mark L (@ML20Productions) July 5, 2016

I have to say I wish the @fdp had worked to help the Lib Dems before the referendum rather than trolling us after...

— Martin Shapland (@MShapland) July 5, 2016

The FDP sits with the Liberal Democrats in the European Parliament as part of the 'Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe' grouping.

It has three of Germany's 96 elected MEPs and just over 4% of politicians elected to the country's state parliaments are FDP members.

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