21/03/2017 11:53 GMT

Girls Befriend Estate Agent Viewing Their Family Home And Mum Is Mortified By What They Ask Him

'I had warned him that arriving at 5pm was risky.'

A mum has shared how mortified she was when her two daughters befriended an estate agent valuing her home and just wouldn’t leave him alone.

Lorna Hayward, from London, shared a photo of her daughters wearing sunglasses next to the estate agent Dan.

Explaining what happened on Facebook, Hayward wrote on 16 March: “This is Dan. He just valued our flat.

“I had warned him that arriving in my only available slot of the day at 5pm was risky. Nevertheless, he rocked up.”

Hayward continued: “In the last hour, Dan (who is a complete stranger) has had both my daughters request cuddles, can he hold their hands, if he would watch Peppa Pig with them, does he like cheese, if he was staying the night.

“And the finale - Elsie walking out of the toilet announcing she had just done her ‘biggest poo yet - it was a bit spikey though, so please can you wipe my bum?’

“Poor Dan. Poor poor Dan. Gonna just pour myself a pint of wine.”

Despite the mum being mortified by how the evening turned out, her friends and others commenting on the post found it hilarious.

I cannot begin to tell you how much this is making me giggle,” commented one person.

“Mostly at the thought of Dan’s new-found internet fame that is almost certainly unknown to the man himself.”

Another wrote: “Poor Dan indeed - still laughing this morning - absolutely brilliant - bless Dan.”

And one woman commented: “I hope that you gave Dan some booze while he visited? I would love to be a fly on the wall while he is out with his mates tonight. I wonder what he would have to say?”

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