Girls Write Mum Cute Apology Note After They Cut Up Her 'Magazens' To Play With Their Dolls

'We messd things up.'

Two girls wrote their mum an adorable apology note after they’d cut out people in her magazines to have a “party” with their dolls.

Talaylin Karavolas, from Queensland, Australia, said her daughters Alexa, seven, and Georgia, nine, cut it up without asking her, and later regretted it.

“They had cut up my fashion magazines, everything was set up with all these gorgeous cut-out people,” Karavolas told Daily Mail Australia. “They told me they were at a party and I went ‘Oh wow!’ I was just so amazed.”

Although she didn’t seem mad, the girls penned the apology letter that has since been shared on an Australian Facebook page.

“Dear mummy, we are sory we cut up your magazens,” the note read.

“We just wanted to do somthing. We are allso very sory that we messd things up. WE ARE SORY.”

Karavolas said she wasn’t that mad about their party set-up.

“Gotta love cleaning out the office and finding these notes,” she wrote on Facebook at the time.

“This was the day my girls cut up all my fashion mags... funny I wasn’t cranky just shocked.”

There’s just something so endearing about kids’ notes that just makes it too hard to be mad at them.

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