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"My 4yo is a pretty picky eater for somebody who is currently dipping apple slices into ketchup."
"A teardrop tattoo for every homemade dinner kids refuse to eat."
Navigating the world of politics as an adult is tricky enough. We spoke to a parent and expert for their views on how to prepare children for the minefield of political discourse.
"Well, so much for going into the ocean now that my kid realised fish pee in it."
"Looks like it’s time to tell my son that I get a weekly report of what he googles."
Money makes the world go round, we discover in later life, but it’s one of the hardest lessons to teach children about, so how do you teach children about finance?
Lindz Amer from Queer Kid Stuff and Daddy & Dad’s Jamie Beaglehole on how you could explore the varied subject of modern identity with your children.
"The light at the end of the terrible two tunnel is the headlight of an oncoming train called the threenager."