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"Being a Jewish kid of divorce can't be all bad. You get 16 hannukah's."
"The new assignment was to mourn the loss of a parent and the loss of myself as a daughter. ... Who was I without my parents?"
Can spice tolerance be learned? And if so, how can a parent go about teaching it while respecting their child’s preferences?
"Just had 'the talk' with my youngest son and I got some pretty good pointers."
Parents may have good intentions, but pressuring a child to show affection when they don't want to can send the wrong message.
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Vaccine rates among young children have dipped to a 10-year low.
"They'll tell you having kids is the best thing they ever did after complaining about them nonstop and yelling at them all the time."
Knowing when to let your child quit is difficult. Here's what parents need to know.
How to figure out if you should push your child to stick with the team or allow them to throw in the towel.