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Comparing being a pet parent to raising a kid, for one.
"I couldn’t open my jaw. I was to tell the doctor I fell down the stairs. Mum stayed nearby to make sure I did."
"Yes, I know it’s cold but my kid won’t wear a coat. I am picking my battles. —a parenting memoir"
When a parent is struggling with one of the many challenges of caring for a child, this phrase is the last thing they need to hear.
"My 12YO just pronounced fettuccine like it rhymes with medicine so I see my work is not done yet."
A married Pennsylvania mom of two works four separate jobs in order to stay on top of her family's household expenses and child care needs.
We have science to thank for these findings on everything from screen time to mental health and language to behavioral development.
Experts share their advice for helping children learn how to be accountable.