27/12/2017 11:35 GMT

2018 Eye Makeup Trend: Try Your Hand At The Glossy Lid

Because you deserve to shine in the new year.

The dewy, even glossy, lid is a haute beauty staple in the fashion world, but one blogger is giving us reason to try our hand at it as an everyday look.

An adventurous beauty enthusiast, who goes by the name of ‘Regina,’ has been sharing her makeup creations with her growing fans on Instagram. 

When tinsel lashes made the rounds as one of the more interesting beauty trends to try this Christmas, her look was among the fore-runners. 

But another of her takes on eye makeup has caught our eye: the dewy look. 

One way to achieve this look is by using vaseline or coconut oil on top of your shadowed lid to add a touch of gloss. The braver among you may want to apply water eyeshadow before this step, the stronger the pigment the better. 

Take a look at some of Regina’s work.

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And here’s a round-up of some other glossy looks we’re loving. 

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