Graham Norton Explains Why He Doesn't Have Politicians As Guests On His Talk Show

The Graham Norton Show is known for its eclectic mix of guests – but politicians rarely pay a visit.
Graham Norton
Graham Norton
Anthony Devlin via Getty Images

Graham Norton’s long-running talk show has become known for its eclectic mix of guests – which, on occasion, has led to some rather unlikely link-ups (think when Miriam Margolyes got acquainted with Will.I.Am, or Lady Gaga became pals with the late, great June Brown).

However, with a few notable exceptions, Graham rarely welcomes politicians onto his sofa, and it turns out there’s a reason for that.

Earlier this week, the Irish presenter paid a visit to the US panel show The View, where he was asked about the public figures he’s interviewed over the years.

He explained: “We don’t have politicians on our show, I think, because it’s a silly, late-night show. And I always think, if you’re a politician, you should have something more important to be doing right now than sitting on my couch.”

Graham was also asked about the A-listers who still manage to leave him star-struck, to which he named Jennifer Lopez as one such example.

J-Lo on The Graham Norton Show in 2013
J-Lo on The Graham Norton Show in 2013

“It’s like she’s got a filter on in real life,” he joked.

“You’re sitting this close [to her], and it’s like, ‘we’re the same species? How is that possible? How is there any genetic link between me and you?’.”

After a break, The Graham Norton Show is set to return for its 31st series on Friday 29 September, with the line-up of guests having now been confirmed.

Joining Graham for his first show since February will be music legend Kylie Minogue, Bafta nominee Stephen Graham, actor and writer David Mitchell, comedian Mawaan Rizwan and Eurovision competitor Mae Muller.

Watch Graham’s segment on The View in full below:


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