Greens Take Aim At Lib Dems With LGBT Manifesto Launch In Church

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Greens set to launch LGBT+ manifesto in London church
Greens set to launch LGBT+ manifesto in London church
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The Greens are taking aim at the Lib Dems by launching their LGBT+ manifesto in a church, putting ‘clear distance’ between the two parties on the issue of gay rights.

Co-leader Jonathan Bartley and Aimee Challenor, LGBT+ spokesperson, will set out their commitment to standing up for all communities, pledging to:

- Make all LGBT+ refugees welcome in the UK.

- Ensure HIV prevention drug PrEp is available on the NHS.

- Put trans and intersex recognition and rights into law.

In his speech at the Trinity United Reformed Church in Camden on Friday, Bartley is expected to say: “The Green Party has a proud history of leading the way when it comes to LGBT+ rights. While other political parties struggle to say what they believe, Greens are clear – we will always stand up for LGBT+ people.

“We believe in a fairer world, a more equal economy, human rights protected by law, recognition and representation for all gender identities and education and health services which care for and include everyone.”

Green Party co-leader Jonathan Bartley
Green Party co-leader Jonathan Bartley
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Challenor - who the Greens say is the only openly trans spokesperson for a British political party, will set out the threats to LGBT+ rights across the world - including uncertainty around the UK’s future membership of the European Convention on Human Rights.

The party says its decision to hold the launch in a church puts ‘clear distance’ between the Greens and Lib Dems - despite the formation of an ‘Anti-Tory Progressive Alliance pact’ between the two in Brighton less than 48 hours earlier.

Lib Dem leader Tim Farron came under fire at the start of the election campaign by repeatedly refusing to answer questions on whether he believed gay sex was a sin.

But he told the BBC this week he had not wanted to “pontificate on theological matters” but had decided to reveal what he thought as it had become an issue.

“I don’t believe that gay sex is a sin,” he said. “It’s not and I don’t feel it is.”


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