Guy 'Proposed' To Fiancée's Five-Year-Old Daughter, Promises To 'Protect Her For The Rest Of Her Life'

Grab a tissue. 😢

A guy ‘proposed’ to his fiancée’s five-year-old daughter, minutes after getting on one knee to ask for her mother’s hand in marriage.

Grant Tribbett, 29, from Indiana, US, proposed to his girlfriend Cassandra Reschar, 26, with a ring, then got out a silver necklace for her daughter, Adrianna.

“After proposing to me, Grant got back down to propose to my daughter,” Reschar shared on How He Asked Facebook page on 17 June.

“He said: ‘Adrianna can I be your daddy, to promise to love and protect you for the rest of your life?’”

Reschar continued: “As soon as he spoke those sweet words, I once again broke down in tears.

“Not the cute kind of tears either, the bawling type tears. My little heart could not take so much love.”

She said Adrianna replied: “Yes, I finally get a daddy, mummy. I finally get a daddy!”

Tribbett gave Adrianna the heart necklace as a “symbol that she’d always have a piece of his heart with her”.

The couple asked their friend, professional photographer Mandi Gilliland, to capture the moment.

The photos have been shared on Facebook nearly 13,000 times in six days.

“This is such a precious moment,” one person commented. “He’s definitely a keeper.”

Another wrote: “There needs to be more men in the world like him, just because we are divorced doesn’t mean we aren’t any good.”

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