20 Brilliant Gym Bag Essentials That'll Work As Hard As You Do

From resistance equipment to hair and beauty essentials, these gym bag buys will keep you moving.
These are the gym bag buys you need in your life.
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These are the gym bag buys you need in your life.

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You’ve worn in your trainers, and got a spot-on sports set that has you feeling ready to conquer the gym. But what else should you be packing to get the most out of your session?

Whether you’re no stranger to a gym studio, or a complete novice, sifting your way through the sheer quantity of resistance equipment, water bottles, and headphones can seem a little overwhelming. And that’s before you’ve even narrowed which sweat-fighting ingredients to look for in a gym cleanser!

To help you curate your kit, we’ve compiled a list of products you can really trust to see you through your workout. From the perfect gym towel to a cult favourite anti-chafe balm, we’ve got you covered with our roundup. And best of all, they are all available on Amazon!

Invool Leakproof Sport Water Bottle
Stay hydrated while you workout with this 100% BPA-free sports water bottle. Use the handy strap to carry it around the gym with ease, and trust the dust and leak-proof silicone padded cap will ensure no awkward spills.

Get it for £12.99
Umi Earbuds W5s
Any gym goer knows that the right song can give you the push you need to finish those last few reps. With no wires to worry about, and six-hours of usage when fully charged, you can count on the W5s to see you through your session without any disruption.

Get them for £29.99
Seca Towels Microfibre 2 Pack
Microfibre is already a well-known miracle material for gently but thoroughly cleaning the face without the use of any chemicals. So it’s no surprise this super soft and sweat-absorbent fibre makes the perfect gym companion.

Get them for £19.95
Sanctuary Spa Hand Sanitiser Gel Spray
Global pandemic or not, the gym will always be a place where a pocket-sized hand sanitiser is, well, handy. We love this one because it not only kills 99.9% of bacteria, but its built-in moisturiser is kind on your hands, while the quick-drying spray format means there’s no need to worry about them slipping off the barbell mid-squat.

Get it for £5
Myprotein Essential BCAA
Keep your energy levels up while you workout by jazzing up your boring water with some Myprotein BCAA powder in berry flavour. BCAAs – or branched-chain amino acids – occur naturally in protein and help to quickly build and repair new muscle. Simply add two scoops to 250-350ml of water or juice in a shaker before, during or after exercise.

Get it for £22.76
Mitchum Ultimate 48HR Protection Cream Deodorant
To keep sweat to a minimum, you need to check your deodorant is also an anti-perspirant. This Mitchum roll-on cream promises 48-hour protection against sweat and odour, and has an invisible formula that wont leave behind any white marks.

Get it for £3.35
Corezone Resistance Pull Up Band
Forever struggling to get a spot on the cables? Tricep extensions, chest flies, and lateral pulldowns are just a few of the many exercises you can do with a resistance band just as effectively. Choose from a range of strengths, and even use them to practise those dreaded pull-ups!

Get it for £12.95
Wella Shockwaves Hairspray
Lock your high bun or ponytail in place with this ultra strong and long-lasting hairspray from Wella. Best of all, if you’re going straight to brunch or work, post-gym, the non-sticky formula brushes right out, so you can restyle it with ease.

Get it for £2
Invisibobble Sprunchie
These revolutionary spiral hair rings from Invisibobble changed the game when they burst onto the boring hairband scene with their promise of no kinks and headaches. But for adding a little flair to your gym hair, these 90s-inspired spiral cord and scrunchie hybrids do just the trick.

Get it for £5.99
Face Halo Pro Pack of 3
A more sustainable solution than make-up wipes, these plush microfibre discs work with water to gently lift makeup from deep within your pores. Simply squeeze out any excess water when you’re finished, and pop your Face Halo back in the sealable pouch.

Get it for £13.50
Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo
Rather than just masking dirt, this cult favourite dry shampoo actually cleans your hair. The fast-absorbing powders soak up oil and sweat, as well as neutralising and eliminating any odours. Simply spray it in a sweeping motion across the roots, let it sit for 30 seconds, and then massage and shake your scalp to remove any excess.

Get it for £20
Fulfil Vitamin and Protein Bar Selection Box
If you’re in between meals or just generally on the go, then a Fulfil bar is a quick and easy way to refuel after a tough workout. Each 55g bar contains 20g of protein and 30% of your recommended daily allowance for nine essential vitamins. but less than 3g of sugar.

Get them for £16.61
CeraVe SA Smoothing Cleanser
Giving your face a proper cleanse as soon as you’ve finished exercising is crucial to avoid breakouts. Cleansers like this one that contain salicylic acid are brilliant – they not only exfoliate the skin and unclog pores, but boast antibacterial properties.

Get it for £11.99
Paula’s Choice Skin Balancing Pore Reducing Toner
What’s better than a single cleanse? A double cleanse! After you’ve washed your face with CeraVe, apply this hydrating toner to a reusable pad, and dab it on your face and neck. The hyaluronic acid plumps and hydrate your skin and the chamomile soothes any remaining irritation and redness. But the key ingredient is Niacinamide. which helps close up your pores and therefore lock in all that hydrating goodness!

Get it for £24
Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel Moisturiser
The final step in your post-workout skincare routine should be applying a lightweight, water-based moisturiser. This brilliant cooling moisturiser from Neutrogena is packed with hydrating hyaluronic acid, leaving your skin supple, smooth and super healthy.

Get it for £12.99
Beast Gear Barbell Pad
The likelihood of getting your hands on a barbell pad in the gym is pretty slim so why not bring your own? Crucial for evenly distributing the weight of a bar, using a pad for squats, lunges, and hip thrusts will help keep dreaded barbell bruises at bay.

Get it for £11.17
Body Glide Anti Chafe Pocket
If you’re prone to chafing, then this anti-chafe balm from Body Glide is just what you need to stay comfortable and blister-free while you workout. Free from allergens and suitable for vegans, the long-lasting formula is breathable on the skin, yet completely resistant to sweat.

Get it for £14.94
Fabric Resistance Bands 3-Pack
If you’re looking to build peachy glutes, short resistance bands are just what you need to supercharge leg days. All you need is a mat and this pack of three bands for a sweaty lower body workout – and you can also use them with weighted exercises like squats and leg press.

Get them for £13.99
Simari Weight Lifting Gloves
There’s nothing more annoying than a wrist or hand twinge getting in the way of your weight lifting. Luckily, these gloves boast a wrist support to protect against spraining, and a foam pad on the palm to buffer any other impact. Plus, there’s no need to worry about hot hands, as the breathable air mesh will keep them dry and comfortable.

Get them for £14.98
KerKoor Yoga Stretch Strap
Whether you’re a seasoned yogi, or just looking to relieve a little tightness after a heavy session, this 12-looped strap is just what you need for a deep and effective stretch. Plus, it comes with a free tutorial guide to help you safely master each move.

Get it for £9.99

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