05/01/2018 17:41 GMT | Updated 05/01/2018 17:41 GMT

Gym Buddies #5: A Playlist For That Friday Feeling

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Kim Ngo
Kim Ngo

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Congratulations. You made it through the week. It was hard, wasn’t it? 

I thought we should celebrate with a little music and am pleased to share our Gym Buddies Spotify playlist, which we’ll be adding to each week. You can use it for your weekend workout or simply to have a dance around the kitchen - it still counts as exercise, even if there is a glass of wine in hand.

Music can really make or break a workout. I’ve considered walking out of a gym class before when the music is pants (dramatic, I know), but when I really enjoy the tracks I train harder and the class is over before I know it.

That’s why I’ve called on Kim Ngo, a trainer at London’s 1Rebel gym, to kick off our playlists. Anyone who’s been to one of her classes will know we’re in good hands. For everyone else, we’ve brought her to you.

Also in today’s newsletter is a selection of contract-free gyms across the country for those who don’t want to commit to a membership and a bouncy castle fitness class, which looks like heaps of fun.

Don’t worry Gym Buddies, we’ll still be here on the weekend with newsletters going out at midday on Saturday and Sunday

WTF: What The Fitness?

Foam Roller

A foam roller is fancy phrase for a big colourful foam cylinder that you roll over your muscles for a deep tissue massage. It might sound relaxing but trust us when we say it’s not.

That said, it is super beneficial. The movement of rolling muscles, such as your thighs, to and fro on the cylinder is said to improve circulation and soothe tight areas.

The two main benefits of rolling are a) increasing flexibility and b) reducing DOMS (which you learned about on Thursday).

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