Halloween Makeup: The Never-Ending Weird Eyebrow Trend Has Never Been So Handy

'MUAs doing the most.'

In case you missed all the random eyebrow trends cropping up on social over the last few months, we’ve put together a few options that are perfect for Halloween.

1. Cut-Out Bleeding Brows

Attributed to makeup artist Jodie Elizabeth Evans, this trend is not for the faint of heart.

Dare to wear if you really want to nail Halloween this year.

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2. Superhero Lightening Brows

A fun alternative to the above, these lightening brows would be great for channelling your inner superhero.

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3. Squiggle Brows

Squiggle brows have been embraced by some beauty enthusiasts, who have added eyeshadow or lipstick to match.

4. Werewolf Brows

With this trend, you could go for the demure version (as seen directly below). Another option would be to go all out for the full werewolf effect.

These brows are all sure to get a reaction, and on Halloween you may really put the fear into those who are done with all the brow extra-ness:

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