Scottish MP Does Trainspotting-Style 'Choose Brexit' Rap In Parliament

'Notorious T.R.A.D.E!'

SNP MP Hannah Bardell broke into a Trainspotting-style rap in the House of Commons.

The Livingston MP, the SNP’s trade spokesman, was listing reasons why her party opposed the Government’s Trade Bill when she announced she’d written a lyric called ‘B.R.E.X.I.T’ and that it ”sums up the current situation”.

It touched on everything from “trade relations going down the swanny” to the controversial Vote Leave battle bus, and even mimicked Ewan McGregor’s famous lines in Trainspotting: ”Choose Brexit. Choose a new queue, at the airport we’ll be going through.”

Her attempt to inject a bit of fun into proceedings divided opinion on social media, however.

It isn’t the first time the MP has managed to grab attention in the Commons.

When Scotland Women were preparing to take on England’s Lionesses in the UEFA Women’s EURO 2017 competition in July, Bardell wore her Scotland shirt to PMQs to make clear which team she was backing.

PA Wire/PA Images

The Trade Bill, which is continuing its journey through Parliament, gives the Government power to transition current trade deals it already has with other countries via the EU.

Bardell told Liam Fox, the International Trade Secretary, that the Government has not properly consulted with other parties on the legislation.

Fox has also been accused of attempting to strike trade deals with other countries behind closed doors. The UK is set to Brexit in March 2019.


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