Harry Styles Opens Up About Relationship With Former One Direction Bandmates

Six years after they parted ways, the As It Was singer has insisted he still feels "deep love" for the other 1D boys.
One Direction pictured in 2011
One Direction pictured in 2011
Mathis Wienand via Getty Images

Harry Styles has spoken out about his relationship with his former One Direction bandmates six years after the group parted ways.

The chart-topping singer was one of the original five members of One Direction, who were put together on The X Factor in 2010, alongside Louis Tominson, Niall Horan, Liam Payne and Zayn Malik, who quit the boyband while they were still active.

During their time together, 1D went on to achieve huge success, topping the UK singles charts on four occasions, scooping up five Brit Awards and selling out stadiums all over the world.

After going on an indefinite hiatus in 2016, the band’s members have all embarked on solo careers, with varying levels of success.

Harry – who won his first Grammy last year – is now gearing up for the release of his third solo album, and spoke to Apple Music’s Zane Lowe about his time in the hit-making group.

Harry during his headlining Coachella set last month
Harry during his headlining Coachella set last month
Kevin Mazur via Getty Images

“I look at people who kind of went through some version of what [One Direction] went through, but on their own. I can’t imagine having done that, really,” he explained.

“I feel really lucky that we always had each other to be this unit that felt like you could keep each other in check and you could just have someone else who gets it.

“Because it’s impossible to not, at times I think everyone experiences this, feel like, ‘Oh, everyone else is on the other side of the glass and I’m on this side of the glass, and no one really gets it’. And I think having that is kind of priceless.”

He continued: “I think there is very much a respect between all of us, if we did something together. And that is something that you can’t really undo.

“And you know, it’s like a very deep love for each other, I think.”

One Direction pictured during one of their final public appearances in 2016
One Direction pictured during one of their final public appearances in 2016
Mark Davis/DCNYRE2016 via Getty Images

“[Harry] called me because he has a sixth sense for if I’m struggling or if one of us is in trouble I feel like,” the Strip That Down singer revealed.

Liam added: “It was a really lovely catch up actually. And I’ve got a lot of love for the man. He’s great, he’s really, really great.”

Harry’s full conversation with Zane Lowe is available to watch on Apple Music.


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