Helen Skelton Had The 'Worst Day Of Parenting Life' After Being Asked To Leave French Playgroup

'Screamed the place down.'

Helen Skelton has shown parents that being a celebrity doesn’t make her immune from the wrath of a toddler’s tantrum.

The pregnant 33-year-old, who lives in France with her husband Richie Myler and 19-month-old son Ernie, explained what happened on her son’s first day of playgroup.

She shared a photo of Ernie trotting off to childcare on 30 January and wrote: “French playgroup. Let’s do this. Why do I feel sick?”

One hour later she tweeted a photo of her son asleep in the car behind her with the caption: “Worst day of my parenting life. Asked to leave after 20 mins.

“Screamed the place down screaming his version of ‘Mama let’s go!’ constantly.”

Skelton was inundated with support on Twitter, from her fans who are parents reminding her it will get better.

After fans responded on Twitter, some criticising the playgroup, Skelton tweeted on 31 January: “Wow storm in a tea cup: we love the French crèche. Staff are superb! Can’t account for a toddler mood sometimes! My fault not theirs.”

Skelton married Myler, an English professional rugby league footballer, in 2013. They welcomed their first child in June 2015.

She announced in November 2016 she was pregnant with their second child, by sharing a photo of a chirpy Ernie holding a blackboard that read: “Ready for my partner in crime, due spring 2017.”

“Three getting set to become four,” she captioned the photo.

Three getting set to become four. #newbaby #feelinglucky

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In February 2016, Skelton opened up about the struggles of juggling work and motherhood.

“Ernie has turned my life upside down - in the best possible way,” she told the Daily Mail.

“He needs me 24 hours a day, seven days a week and I’m pretty much the only person who can look after him - so I love being a mum, but it is full on.”